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Foreign currency jigsaw puzzle

Foreign Wills

Foreign wills puzzle the best of lawyers. Here’s my checklist to organize the pieces.

people made of gears and cogs exchanging ideas and parts

Crowdsourcing Probate

Your neighbors ask good questions. The answers may help you, too. Join the exchange here.

Freezer burned leftovers glazed in ice

Leftover Wills

Dad’s old will doesn’t belong in a desk drawer. If probate isn’t necessary, file it for free with the county clerk.

Older Drivers

Driver safety is about more than taking the keys away. Here are resources and strategies to help support older drivers.

Treasure map with coins

Locating Assets

Slow and steady wins this race. Here’s our checklist for locating assets.

Estate administration word cloud

What is Probate?

It’s hard to know when to start and when to consult a lawyer. Common deadlines are explained here.

Faux closing cartoon credit captioned "The End"

The Talk

Few medical agents get much practice guessing your wishes before disaster strikes. Here’s a quiz that will help.

water cascading down a rocky slope

Estate Tax Changes

The estate tax exemption amount just jumped to $10 million. Should that change your plans?

Hand turns the key that opens the safe deposit box

Agent’s Certification

Banks can’t reject your Statutory Durable Power of Attorney without reason. Here’s the certification you’ll need.

Flooded living room

Harvey Takeaways

Are you at risk of flooding? Are you caring for someone who is? Here are some lessons learned from Harvey.

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