I live in Meyerland with my wife and kids. Our home flooded. I’d like to acknowledge everyone who helped, but don’t know or remember half of you. Here goes anyway.

The Peng, Lynn, and Mayo families offered shelter in the storm to my family, my neighbors, and complete strangers.

Lovett Elementary School teachers forced their way into our house and began cleaning up. Angela Thompson, Jennifer Pollard, Amber Yother, and Connie Buchanan (and son Nathan) are our Kindergarten Commandos.

The Lovett Dad’s Club moved furniture. The list is incomplete, but includes Mark, Elkin, Thad, Tim, and Bill.

A volunteer army packed and moved our dry contents. Thank you Thuba To and Tri Nguyen, Vang and Tuong Nguyen, Anh Le, Quynh Phan, Nhu Phan, Anne-Marie and Trung Nguyen, Lisa Huynh and Steve, Cuc Le, her daughters Truc and Thao, her sister and brother-in-law, and M.D. Anderson, Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine.

Richard Ayala served barbecue on Labor Day from the bed of his pickup.

We thank those who showed up to help, even if we turned you away. The show of support lifted our spirits. The red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing weren’t bad, either.

Everyone who worked their regular jobs is appreciated, especially those who themselves flooded. It meant the world to have contractors, trash pickup, gasoline, police patrols, building supplies, and fast food.

Liz’s Angel of Care Staffing, Koco Wiggins, and Liz Hamilton got my parents through the storm and found them an apartment. Neighbor Enrique Solano put plywood on windows.

My in-laws are the best, especially Luan. They provided café sua da, clean beds, hot food, laundry, wi-fi, vehicles, contractors, equipment, storage, repairs, babysitting, and more.

To my clients

We are open. If you lost your wills, we can print new originals. We’ll provide a notary and witnesses. No changes, no charge. If you just want copies for now, we can print those for pick up.

To the community

All flood victims should register with FEMA, apply for an SBA loan, and keep or get flood insurance. See IRS Publication 547 about claiming your 2017 Harvey losses on your 2016 income tax return. Who couldn’t use a refund now?

Register with FEMA. See also Lone Star Legal Aid. Are you a lawyer who wants to help others? Start at

I’m practising disaster law on myself now. I cannot answer questions but am sharing tidbits as I go. Follow me on Facebook.

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